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     Dr. Goren, started his medical studies at the Victor Babes Medical School in Timisoara, Romania , however, he is a graduate of Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, class of 1963. After 1 year of rotating Internship (1964), 2 years Residency in Internal Medicine (1965-66), and 6 years Residency in General Surgery (1967-72) he receives in 1973, his Israeli Board Certification in general Surgery. He comes the same year to the US for a kidney transplant research fellowship at the University of Minnesota (1973-74). After five more years of a surgical in-hospital practice in Israel, he returns to the US, and becomes a clinical kidney transplant fellow at the LAC - University of Southern California Medical Center (1981-83) here in Los Angeles. Not willing to relocate from the sunny Southern California to pursue a carrier in kidney transplantations, Dr. Goren opens in1984 his private practice solely dedicated to Vein Disorders (Phlebology), their diagnosis, and their strict in-office treatment, under the fictitious name of Vein Disorders Center located in Encino, (Los Angeles) California.

     From the early nineties to the end of the decade, Dr. Goren authored over 20 medical publications in the field of Phlebology, several of them in the prestigious journals such as  Am. Journal of Surgery, Journal of Vascular Surgery, and Annals of Vascular Surgery. Through these publications, he introduced Muller's Ambulatory Phlebectomy (AP) - a Swiss Dermatologist - to the American Surgical establishment. This approach revolutionized the old fashioned in hospital traumatic stripping for varicose veins, making it a minimally invasive in-office procedure with no downtime at all. Up to the present, well over 4000 patients with Varicose Veins and over 500 with unsightly hand veins, enjoyed this unique treatment modality available at his Center.

Dr. Gabriel Goren

     For 12 years, starting from 1988 to 2000, 562 Board Certified surgeons have participated in his yearly hands-on workshops dedicated to venous subjects. Hundreds more bought his Office Phleblogy manual and purchased his four professional tapes.






Colleagues appreciations.


     A. "It is of interest that after its introduction, the medical-scientific community exhibited a minimal interest in Muller's AP procedure. Muller published his first manuscript on AP in 1966. AP did not gain popularity in the United States until the American surgeon Gabriel Goren published his findings in 1991in the Am. J Surgery in1991, Volume162: pages 166-174"

Jose I. Almeida and Jeffrey K. Rains:  Principles of Ambulatory Phlebectomy; page 247-255 in The Vein Book edited by John J. Bergan; Elsevier Academic Press 2007.

     B. " Gabe, few have the knowledge you do. And lest they forget, you were the first true venous surgeon. How soon most forget or have never known your original work that truly made the treatment of all aspects of venous disease office-based. I encourage all members to research Gabriel Goren in PubMed or Google Scholar Citations: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=XPAwjxgAAAAJ&hl=en

By the way, I purchased your tapes when I first began venous treatments. Back then venous treatment was rare. Now it is common since industry and a few gullible practitioners have found a new source of enrichment."

Ronald Bush, MD FACS, is a vascular surgeon, and a leading US Phlebologist at The Vein Center, Port St. Lucie, FL


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For additional and detailed info on DR. Goren please consult  https://www.gorenveincenter.com/about-dr-goren


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